Revolutions for Solo Flute

by Lindsay Bryden, published by Little Piper (2013), code FA-B3

News:  Revolutions for Solo Flute has been recognized at the 2014 National Flute Association Newly Published Music Competition and will be performed at the Newly Published Music Concert at the NFA's Chicago convention in August, 2014.  The concert will showcase the winning publications, to be performed by winners of the Convention Performers Competition. 

"A short, modern piece using extended techniques.  It is based on a six-note motif which constantly evolves.  The piece is to be played fluidly, freely, with great revolving gestures, developing into a burst of energy at the conclusion."

Listen to Revolutions

Revolutions for Solo Flute by Lindsay Bryden, Little Piper 2013 - available through Little Piper; in London, UK, you may also contact Lindsay directly to purchase a copy.

Finger Independence: 20 Studies for the Aspiring Virtuoso

Contact lindsaybryden@gmail.com to enquire about copies

Twenty studies for improving finger independence and dexterity; for the advanced flutist. Spanning the full range of the flute, this "workout" uses melody and phrase structures to keep the mind engaged while targeting specific fingers.

An accompaniment video for each study is available on YouTube or at the following links:  

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Other Writing

2009 Festival Blogger for the Ottawa International Chamber Music Festival - reviews:

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