Lindsay has a small teaching studio, and produces Flute Tip of the Week every Monday. She has experience working with students to the advanced level in flute, as well as teaching beginner woodwinds and brass, teaching and conducting beginner to intermediate chamber wind ensembles.  She has worked with Ottawa Youth Orchestra Academy summer camps, the Royal College of Music Sparks outreach program and the BBC Family Orchestra scheme.  She has served as a Visiting Music Teacher at the City of London School for Boys and as a mentor for the Tri-Borough Music Hub Program.

Online Resources:

Flute Tip of the Week

Ear Training

Good Ear – interactive ear training exercises for intervals, chords, scales, cadences etc

Big Ears - online ear trainer


The Virtual Flute  – interactive fingerings for notes as well as alternate, trill, microtonal and multiphonic fingerings


eMusic Theory – drills for practicing notes, intervals, rhythms, chord and scale recognition etc

Interactive Circle of Fifths   - with variable modes and tonics

Music Theory – music theory basics defined including musical form, notation, clefs, rhythm/meter/tempo, chords/harmony etc

MusicTheory.net - online music theory trainers and tests

MusicTheory.org.uk – interactive pages to help you learn scales, key signatures, musical terms (Italian, French and German), and with downloadable manuscript paper

State of Play: A Musical Playground for Kids - tutorials and interactive exercises on basic notation, rhythm and meter, scales and key signatures, intervals and chords (thanks to Ava for the suggestion!)

Teoria.com – interactive tutorials, exercises and articles on various aspects of music theory

VCU Music Theory - resources for aural and theory skills


Blank Sheet Music  - Printable sheet music templates

Digital Music Games - links to games to learn musical basics (thanks to Ms. Powell and her Girl Scouts)

Free Online Music Tools - ClickittTicket's top 50 online tools that support creating and working with music (thanks Jason!)

Petrucci Music Library - public domain sheet music

SmartMusic - teaching and learning software; can subscribe for music libraries; free downloadable metronome/tuner


Contact Ph. (+44) 7503 612611  lindsaybryden@gmail.com